Automotive, Pharma, Equipment Leasing Company, Oil & Gas

MacHavior Production

MacHavior Production is an Industrial IoT Product providing real-time insights of key production metrics such as OEE, Part Count, DownTime, Root cause of Production Losses, etc. It helps industry to optimize machine operations, enhance legacy manufacturing processes, drive new revenue streams and business models related to machines.

MacHavior Pharma

MacHavior Pharma assures Pharma Industry that key people will always be proactively notified for possible anomalies at run-time through text messages (SMS) in addition to email alerts. It also ensures that alarms are acknowledged within stipulated time otherwise notifications are escalated to next level of hierarchy.

MacHavior OEM

MacHavior OEM is an Industrial IoT product that remotely monitors machines and it's various parameters in real-time for improved machine availability, and proactive maintenance of the machines.

MacHavior Tool Health

MacHavior Tool Health allows maintenance team to perform proactive maintenance of the tools to make sure the machines are up and running without any catastrophic tool failures.

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